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Impromptu Palos Verdes Marathon

Impromptu Palos Verdes Marathon

Impromptu Palos Verdes Marathon

I first started running the Palos Verdes Marathon in 1985. My times were approximately 4:15. The course started on Silver Spur , ran through some neighborhoods, then turned left on Hawthorne up to Crest Road, left on that, up to the entrance to Rolling Hills Estates, then all the way through that, exiting out the back to Palos Verdes Drive East, and all the way down to Palos Verdes Drive by the Coast. This course ended at Palos Verdes High School. It was on Flag day, Saturday, every year. At the end was free chicken soup, and Coors Beer. Coors Beer was also advertised on the t shirts, which were all red white and blue in color. You had to take a bus to get back to Silver Spur where your car was. This race was put on by the Kiwani's only, I believe.

After that, the course started at Pt. Fermin Park in San Pedro, went up the coast, turned up Western, left on 25th, then all the way to the Palos Verdes neighborhood, wound all over the neighborhood, with the turnaround way up Paseo del Mar, then back through the neighborhood, back down Palos Verdes Dr. West, finishing back at Pt. Fermin Park. This course was set up by W-2 Promotions.

Approximately 2010, the course changed again, starting near Terranea resort. It went up the coast through Palos Verdes neighborhood, then back down the coast to Terranea resort. This was the 1/2 marathon course. The full marathon was 2 times around. Too much congestion in traffic in the morning to get to this course.

In 2012, the marathon was discontinued, I believe after about 42 years running, due to objections by the neighborhoods, and high cost to hire the Police to direct traffic, when there weren't that many runners. But the 1/2 marathon was run on the Terranea course (I ran it twice to make my PV marathon for 2012.

In 2013, no marathon whatever in the first 1/2 of the year. There is one planned for November, a 1/2 marathon, I believe. I chose to map out this course,and just run it. Which I did, extremely slowly. It is after all one of the prettiest courses around. No reason , financial or otherwise, justifies not running it.

For the future, I propose running this course, as an ECO marathon. I coined this term just now. It means, it doesn't impact the environment at all. To do this, we show up, and agree ahead of time to run no more than 2 abreast at any time, and single file when the course requires it, such as through Portuguese Bend. We stop at all traffic signals and wait. It's not going to influence who would win anyway. In this way, no Police dept is necessary, so no gasoline and money is wasted on that. Also, no cars or residents are inconvenienced, and waste their gasoline waiting to get through. Also, you would have to bring your own water or whatever you drink. Note, there are water fountains along the way, at a Fire station at about 8 miles, a church at 9 miles (outside fountain). There is a 7/11 where PV Drive intersects Hawthorne. So there are places to get hydrated, just bring some money. Or lug all your drinks in a back pack. Which I elected to do, and it worked fine. I didn't run out. So, no permissions would be necessary for a group of people to show up and run on public streets, as long as we didn't interfere with the neighborhoods or traffic.

No course in Los Angeles area matches the scenery on this course, in my opinion. To not run it is a waste of scenery. It seems that everything is driven my money or objections, and the "baby has been thrown out with the bathwater", so to speak. Any comments or thoughts, send to

I look forward to running the course with other interested parties on or around Flag Day, 2014, using the course which started at Pt. Fermin. There is a lot of easy parking , and free, around there.

Listed below are all the turns for the Pt. Fermin course, with approximate mileage, so you can gauge how you are doing. They added up to more than 26.3. Not sure where I missed. Maybe threw in a couple of sections which are noted in the footnotes. But it should be more than 26.3 miles for sure, so it counts as a marathon. Just print this page, and take it on your run. Long live the PV marathon!

Turn Comment Landmark/comment Mile
Start line on the road next to the playground equipment at Point Fermin Park 0/Start
keep going through the construction area, then on up Western, couldn't measure this way because couldn't drive there. 1
Rt. *** Walker St. .8
Left *** Hamilton St. 1.3
Right *** Patton St. 1.4
Left *** 25th St. 1.6
*** Western St. 2
Right Western St. 1.5
Left 25 St. 2
American flag on left 3
Rancho Palos Verdes Sign 3.1
Seacliff St. 4
Use extreme caution sign 5.1
Portuguese Bend Sign 5.3
Narcissus Dr. 6
Wayfarer Chapel 6.5
Barkentine Rd. 7
Pt. Vincente Interpretive Center 8.4
Left **** Via Vincente (name is Hawthorne, if you turned right) 8.9
Left **** Palos Verdes Drive West 9.9
Left Paseo Lunado 11
Left Via Pacheco 11.1
Right on alley (100 feet before Palos Verdes Dr. E.) 11.4
Left Paseo Del Mar 11.5
Via Segovia 12
Left Via Anacapa 12.5
Left Paseo Lunado (50 feet) 12.5
Oakley Road 13
Chiswick St. 14
U turn Chelsea Road (turn around, should be 13.1 mi.) 14.4
Left Chiswick Road 14.6
Right Dalton Road 15.0
Right Via Pacheco 15.2
Right Via Anacapa 15.7
Right ** Avenida Mirola 16
Left ** Paseo Del Mar 16.1
Right Via Anacapa 16.4
Left Paseo Lunado (50 feet) 16
Right Palos Verdes Dr. E. 16.6
Right Marguerite Dr. 17
Right **** Entradero 17.8
Right **** Palos Verdes Dr. W. 16.6
Right Palos Verdes Dr. W. 18.7
Pt. Vincente Interpretive Center 19
Terranea Way 20
Wayfarer Church 21
Conqueror 23
La Rotunda 24
Anchovy 25
Western 25.5
Right Patton St. 26.0
Left Hamilton 26.2
Right Walker 26.3
Left Paseo del Mar 26.7
Parker St. 27
End Playground at Pt. Fermin 27.6

*** Alternate:stays on open streets (Western can't be driven through because of landslide)
**** (this part may have been only in the course that started at Terranea)
** (not sure about this turn)